Simply Being Loved is More Than Enough

I'm always, always late, and my hairs a mess, even when it's straight.

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What you should know about me? I can be the loudest, craziest one in the room or I can be the one that leans on the wall sippin on some Sprite.

I am NOT the person I was a year ago.

I love music. I'm a fan a music. Of all types.
I love POP music, but I secretly wish I was more emo.
I love writing stories no one will ever read (ok, and some people will)
I'm clutsy.
April 20, 1998 is the day that my life changed and essentially, the journey began.

I have three bff's who are all very different from each other and all know me the best, but in different ways.

.+. I've been friends with one my best friends since 3rd grade when he and his cousin used to get me in trouble for not being able to control my laughter and he has let me use his family as the type of family I would like to have one day. We get into all sorts of mischief and all sorts of prayer and I wouldn't have it any other way.

.+. I have a best friend who has spent the least time around me, I talk to the least, but still knows me and understands me better than anyone. She knows why certain dates, events, birthdays, make me want to laugh till I cry and cry till I laugh. She's my big sister whether she wanted to be or not.

.+. I have a best friend who has taught me to never close the book on anyone and that everyone deserves forgiveness. For as much as we manage to almost kill each other in various ways (who gave her a license?) we always survive. She's my drinking buddy and agrees to the Patron or go home moto, even though neither of us like it. I probably tell her the most and... AND, she understands and more importantly agrees with some of my weird anatomy fascinations. She knows what that means.

I'm starting to come into my own I think the way God was planned for me and waited for me to do so. I still love music almost more than anything and I wait for a way to use that knowledge in a way that glorifies God and makes me happy to go to work everday.

And I'm starting to realize that life isn't about the celebrities you know or meet or who you were or weren't in highschool. Not about how big of a house you live in, what gadgets your car has, or how big the rock on your finger is. It doesn't make you famous, it doesn't get you to marry that celebrity you could only dream of being with [we all have them, mine is Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez, among others :) ], it doesn't send you directly to Go to collect 200 dollars, it doesn't get you to Heaven faster, and come Judgement day it surely won't have any importance.

To simply put it, there's knowing and then there's KNOWING, and I'm on that journey to KNOWING.